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The medium blog will now focus on health and personal blogging not related or associated with my company

So today Oct, 17th, I’m 9 days into the Carnivore Diet, which is going great so far, but as I’m after a kidney transplant, which you can read about here — “Why I’m doing the Carnivore Diet after a kidney transplant?” I will be doing regular check-ups, which really has nothing to do with the Carnivore Diet, but because I’m after a transplant. If you didn't know, after transplant, you start with weekly blood tests and urinalysis to make sure there are no issues or rejections. Over time this becomes bi-weekly, monthly, and then quarterly. …

So today, I’m 6 days into the Carnivore Diet, and I can’t explain it; even when I’m eating, I can’t explain it to myself. The changes are so great and amazing. I don’t believe it. I mean, this is crazy. Just eating meat and animal products seriously comes from someone who believes we should eat less meat. I even did try being an 85% to 90% vegan when I was living in Syndey. What's going on?

So why would I go carnivore and only eat meat? Well, for me, this pretty simple in February 2020. I had a kidney transplant…

Stripe is an amazing service that lets you accept payments over the Internet. As a developer if you're developing a web app or mobile app you can accept payments in a matter of minutes it’s literally that easy to use.

Unfortunately it’s currently not supported in Israel where I’m located at and it’s only supported in a number of countries (merchant account support, you can pay from any county). So you're stuck with PayPal or some local providers. For me that wasn't going to due. I didn't want to spend any extra time working on payment integration then I needed…

Getting Users To Your Actionable Action

When focusing on analytics, user experience, user actions it’s important to make sure to focus on relevant and actionable metrics that will help you grow your business.

The concept of pageviews is dying and in todays market it’s about actionable metrics. Metrics that measure real engagement and help your business with conversion and growth. Your focusing on One Key Metric (OKM) or key performance indicators (KPI).

But once you understand your One Key Metric (OKM) you then have a different set of questions like what is the right action in the first place? how can we get users to…

When starting out on a product or MVP the biggest focus is always on the product, attention is given to the landing page, user signup and everything inside our product. We work endlessly to improve the product user experience, design, our landing page funnels, getting our users in front of the right action.

But when starting out in most cases we forgot that everything should look good not just our product. …

Not to long ago I closed my funded startup Scoreoid, it was a hard 3 years there was good and bad and I learnt a lot but Scoreoid didn’t make it. I would call it a “successful failure” more about this in a future post.

But after closing my startup (still in the official process) a couple of my good friends ended up closing their startups around the same time. Generally this is bad news but being friends we ended up sharing “war stories” and talking to each about our experiences.

This of course lead to us talking about working…

Startups your doing it wrong, landing pages are better and the future. There are currently two main formats for your homepage a simple landing page focusing on conversion or the more traditional and known feature based homepage explaining your product or service.

First just to be clear the homepage is the landing it’s the first page a user lands on, however in marketing and product terms we also have the “landing page term”. But let’s start with what I like to call the traditional homepage.

Most startups and companies use what I like to call a feature based homepage i.e. traditional homepage. The homepage explains the product or service in a list view covering each feature or “the why”. Great example for this is old Apple’s homepage or Treehouse’s home page.


The standard for the traditional home page is very simple, main…


Sr. Software Engineer focusing on Flutter Development at Almog Development Studio formerly founder of Scoreoid/Platfarm, Speaker, Entrepreneur. #flutterdev

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